Saturday, December 18, 2010

Portable Soldering Iron

Hi few days ago I’ve shown you how to make a 12V power supply. Today I will show you how it works and how can you use it.

I forget to count with one thing, and that's that when soldering iron is turned on it drains too much power from batteries and when I connect fume extractor at same time, fan don't turn on. And also batteries are very quickly drained by soldering iron, because of they aren’t lithium and I’m wondering if I will use lithium 1,5V batteries or maybe rechargeable.


  1. Could You please list all of the items it will be very helpful thank you

  2. you mean parts ? But do you mean parts on power supply or fume extractor ?

  3. Parts for the power supply

  4. 1 x 8 AA battery holder
    1 x LED
    1 x Switch
    1 x Resistor for LED
    2 x RCA connectors as output

  5. Thanks for your help now I know what to get

  6. This is also a great project