Friday, December 10, 2010

Fume Extractor

Hi today I would like to show another one of my gadgets. Well I’m creating lot of gadgets which means that I’m soldering a lot. When you are working in a small room (like I do) you have to keep air clean, because when solder getting real hot it creates fumes. Those fumes contain heavy metals and breathing air like that isn’t very healthy.
Here comes Fume extractor. It’s a device that has Fan and some sort of filter. Fume extractor is sucking fumes through the filter and from the other side of fan comes out pure air. Few years ago in make magazine there was an article about it and there was instructable of how to build altoids mini fume extractor. Well few years ago I wasn’t soldering that much as I do now, so I’ve decided to created because it was strong enough.

But as I’ve said at these days I’m soldering more often so I was thinking about bigger fume extractor. Of course you can buy industrial fume extractors, but those are mostly big and expensive. So I’ve decided to create my own. I’ve bought 10 Watt Fan and filter from active carbon. Now I feel much healthier, I’m not saying it’s 100%, but for that price it’s the best solution.
Here you can see some pictures, 3D overview and video of how it works.

this is the first version

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