Saturday, December 8, 2012

XBees have arrived !

Hi there ! Reason I was inactive for some time is that I was still setting up at a new flat.

I am also waiting for some things I've ordered from e-bay. But big news, Christmas have come earlier this year, as I've ordered 2 xbee modules from local store and I already have them ! I spent some time with setting them up, but eventually I was able to send data between them. I'm quiet happy that I've acquired them, and I'm looking forward to use them in some future projects. There is one problem though, I bought ones without antennas (not even surface mount ones), they have only u.fl connectors, so I need to buy some, because range now is only about half meter. I hope I'll be able to finish my next project before Christmas, but it all depends on whether things I've orders arrive soon enough.


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