Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Voice Controlled Light

Hi there ! First of all Happy Nikola Tesla Day ! And secondly I would like to apologize for not being active for some time.

But since summer is here I will hopefully have more time to work on my projects. Today I want to show you sort of an Intro. Finally I had some extra money so I've bought some relays. For quiet some time I have this idea in my mind. It's an idea to change my room in one big ecosystem, that would preferably be controlled by voice via PC or Android phone. Yes once again this idea comes from Ironman. So I've build simple setup in a box and connected arduino with a Bluetooth module to it and wrote some simple code to look for word “light”. You can see the result in a video. Google voice recognition seems to work pretty fast, but you need to have internet connection in order to use it. That's the reason why I want whole system to be controlled from my desktop. So I need to find right voice recognition software and install a microphone somewhere.


  1. Hey got a question for you , is there a way you can post a video to make a Wireless Internet adapter Work better without taking up as much space as , with the directional adapters and the Concave antennaes is there a simpler way to make it extend further without breaking the law or taking up too much space

    1. Hi there I'm currently playing around with xbees and planning to buy some antennas so I might cover something about them, but I'm not an expert in that matter